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Surveying aquatic life. Newport, OR. USEPA photo by Eric Vance

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AFGE Local 3331 - EPA Headquarters

Welcome to AFGE Local 3331. We represent professional and non-professional bargaining unit employees located at USEPA’s Headquarters’ Offices in Washington, DC. We’re proud to represent nearly 3000 Bargaining Unit Employees.   Please feel free to contact us:

Nathaniel “Nate” James, President
AFGE Local 3331 U.S. EPA Headquarters
EPA West Building
Room # 2114B MC 3211T
Washington, DC 20004
Phone: 202.566.1806
Fax: 202.566.1797

Monthly members meeting info: Date: 3rd Tuesday of each month Time: 12:00 Noon Place: Room 5126 EPA West

AFGE Local 3347 - Research Triangle Park, NC
AFGE Local 3347 is located in Research Triangle Park (RTP), North Carolina.    AFGE Local 3347 is proud to represent nearly 1000 Bargaining Unit Employees.

The organizations Work Together for a Cleaner Environment by concentrating on three major functions:

  • administration and management
  • regulations
  • research and development

RTP Campus is the largest facility ever designed and built by the Agency. Providing state of the art labs and offices for the 21st century, this facility also embodies our commitment to the new environment.

AFGE Local 3347 is nearing the 200 member mark, and is proud to work with Council 238 and the 11 EPA Locals to “Protect the Environment by Protecting our Employees!”

AFGE Local 3347 Elected Officers

Officer Name MD Phone Room
Union Office 3020 C133A Bldg C
President Silvia Saracco C135-02 1582 C133A
Exec. VP
VP- ORD Michael Madden 58B 966-6257 248 – HSF
VP- OAQPS Valerie Graves C404-02 3021 C455A
VP- OARM John B. Smith N229-01 2575 N217B
Chief Steward Russell Wiener D205-03 1910 D254
Secretary Rachel Grindstaff B1o5-01 2780 B-388-I
Treasurer Dan Stout E205-04 5767 D-555-I

AFGE Local 3347 Stewards

AAship Name Maildrop Phone Room
IOAA Dan Coberly D305-3 5158 D320-L Bldg D
OAQPS Jerry Yarn E143-03 2354 E130A Bldg E
OARM William A Newby E105-02 5296 E121ID-1 Bldg E
ORD Russell Wiener D205-03 1910 D254 Bldg D
ORD Michael C Madden 58B 966-6257 248 HS Facility
ORD James Starr D205-05 4608 D484 Bldg D
ORD Daniel Stout E205-04 5767 D551-1 Bldg D
ORD Jason Weinstein E205-03 2717 E490 Bldg E
OEI  Vacant
ORD Ken Krebs E305-3 2850 E383 Bldg E