Local 3347: HQ Outpost, RTP, North Carolina

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Surveying aquatic life. Newport, OR. USEPA photo by Eric Vance

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AFGE Legislative Action 2016

AFGE Local #3347 Executive Board Members

Position Name Phone Office
President Silvia Saracco 919.541.1582 C133A
Executive Vice-President Dan Stout 919.541.5767 D551-1
Treasurer Rachel Grindstaff 919.541. 2780 D377-1
Secretary Jason Weinstein  919.541.2717 E260
Chief Steward Mike Madden  919.966.6257  HS Facility #248
Vice-President OAQPS Vacant
Vice-President OARM/OEI Vacant
Vice-President ORD Ken Krebs  919.541.2850 E383


Name Organization Phone Office
Dan Coberly  ORD/NHEERL/IO 919.541.5158 B311L
Russell Wiener  ORD/NHSRC/DCMD 919.541.1910 D254
James Starr  ORD/NERL/HEASD 919.541.4608 D484
Don Hughes  ORD/NRMRL/APPCD 919.541.2185 E277
Susie Acklin  ORD/OARS/BED 919.541.0577 A131C
Dot Guidici  ORD/NERL/SHEM 919.541.7770 D330A
Donald Doerfler  ORD/NHEERL/RCU 919.541.7741 B387
Dianne Barnes  OCFO/OFS/RFC 919.541.1070 A210K
Cassandra Green  OCFO/RTP-FC/IO 919.541.0358 A210I
John Horton  OEI/OTOP/EDSD 919.541.3483 N213C
Dave Christofel  OARM/OAM/RTPPOD 919.541.1854 A010P
Jeff Curry  OAR/OAQPS/CORE 919.541.4018 C455I-2
Randy Harrison  ORD/NHEERL/ISTD 919.541.0596 B466
Nancy Hanley  ORD/NHEERL/ISTD 919.541.7514 B-152
Najway Haykal Coates  ORD/OSIM/IO 202.564.4661 RRB 51176