Surveying aquatic life. Newport, OR. USEPA photo by Eric Vance

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AFGE Council 238 Executive Board

The Executive Board oversees the day-to-day functioning of the Council between monthly meetings of Local Presidents. Delegates from every Local elect the Board Officers every 3 years. The current board was elected in June 2016.

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John O’Grady, President
AFGE Local 704
Telephone: 312-886-1477; 312-886-3575

Denise Morrison, Executive Vice President
AFGE Local 907
Telephone: 913-551-7402; 816-284-6347

Steve Hopkins, 1st Vice President
AFGE Local Local 3331, retired

Jim Berkley, 2nd Vice President
AFGE Local 3607
Telephone: 303-312-7102

Ricardo Solis, Treasurer
AFGE Local 1110
Telephone: 206-553-2593

Russell W. Wiener, Secretary
AFGE Local 3347
Mail Drop: D205-03
Durham, NC 27711
Telephone: 919-541-1910
Facsimile: 919-541-0496

Jeanne Schulze, Sergeant-at-Arms
AFGE Local 1003
Telephone: 214-665-7254

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updated November 21, 2016